Thursday, April 26, 2012

The spell to bring your lover back to you

  Looking for some love in your life desperately? Read on to get your answers. Read on patiently as the world of love magic is slowly going to be revealed before your eyes.  In the darkness of the night, stand right in front of the window sill, light a crimson colored candle and stand diagonally opposite to it. Do not let the flame extinguish. Believe me, if the powers with which you invoke the sprits around are able to awaken with your chants, your flame would not be extinguished even in the toughest of winds or storm, as that’s the power of universe and the nature around us. 
Now coming back to the love spell , stand diagonally in front of the lighted candle and chant the spell as written below with utmost faith in mind that it would bring your ideal lover back to you.

As this lighted candle sheds it light around the window sill
Let oh beloved your presence
Fill my life with all the love and joy
As this candle slowly burns and gets off
Let my unhappiness and sorrow which has filled my love life disappear with it
Let me life once again take anew turn
A new lease of life with you my love
I don’t know who you are
But I know you love me ardently
Come to me to make my life happy
Come to me oh beloved
Come to me to me happy
I’m there always for you
Oh come to make my life happy I implore”.